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Founder and CEO Victoria Porter first visited Kenya in December 2017 / January 2018.  It was during this time she witnessed first hand the repercussions poverty was having on the health and wellbeing of families and their children in the Kitengela community.  The specific issues identified at the time were in relation to lack of education around puberty, sexual health and sexual violence. It was clear that we needed to highlight and emphasize the need to empower the woman and children.

In 2020 Jifunze International was established as an Australian not for profit company and from the outset Victoria has been very clear that no Directors or board members will be paid, for their duties pertaining to their role on the board. She wishes to express her sincere thanks and appreciation to all Directors and board members now and in the future for their dedication and support to this organisation where 100% of donations and fundraising dollars will go directly to the projects.

Working within schools and the local hospital has allowed us to understand the needs of the community.   The needs which have been identified exist due to extreme poverty and lack of education around health and well being. Our mission is to ensure that young girls and woman are provided with the knowledge and resources they need to manage their menstrual cycles, ensure their sexual safety and grow with comfort and dignity. Jifunze International has also continued to work alongside members of the Kitengela community to identify the needs of everyone in the community. The initial needs identified were knowledge about first aid, nutrition and best water practice. However during our first year in operation we had the unexpected arrival of COVID 19 and this became the priority as we responded with the provision of personal protective equipment and  COVID 19 information leaflets and posters

In March 2021, Jifunze International was officially recognised by the Australian Charities and Non for Profit Commission as a benevolant institute  and gained Deductible Gift Receipt Status.  This means any donation over $2 is tax deductible.


OUR People


Victoria Porter (PHF)

CEO, Executive Director

Founder and Chairperson

Victoria has been entangled in charity events from a young age from following her dad around and helping out with his many events which were run to support disabled children, school fundraisers and notably sending a shipping container of school supplies to Romania. After joining Townsville Central State School following her family's migration to Australia she as awarded the Malcolm Molomby Award for community service within the school.

Since she finished school she has lived and worked overseas.  Returning to Australia in 2012 to return to studies. She now holds a Bachelors Degree in Business and Events a Diploma in Youth Work and a Masters in International Development.

In 2016/7 she spent a substantial time volunteering at the Salvation Army in Melbourne as well as Don Bosco Youth Centre in Brunswick, and often said it was the best part of her week.

At the end of 2017 she took a trip to Africa, stopping for a duration in Kenya.  The experience changed her life.  She has since returned to Kenya multiple times and built connections with Ujamaa education provider, the teams at Days for Girls as well as local education and health leaders in the community.

She was honoured to receive a Paul Harris Fellow awarded for the work that she has done in Kenya from Mundingburra Rotary Club in District 9550 at their District conference in Alice Springs where she was a guest speaker. And was invited to be a founding member of the Rotarian Action Group for Menstrual Health & Hygiene which is currently being established.


Roberta porter (PHF)

governance director

public officer

Roberta is a Retired Mental Health Nurse and Health Service Manager. 


She is President of Rotary eClub One and wife of Rotary Past District Governor Brendan Porter. Together they hosted and supported a significant number of Rotary youth exchange students from Norway, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and more over a 10-year period. Her commitment to children is also evidenced in her support of children through Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children.

Roberta is passionate about educating and  supporting young and vulnerable people to achieve better overall health and well-being and finds opportunities to do so in a number of areas of her life.

Her previous experiences are highly valued in Jifunze International’s leadership team.

Katie olsen



Katie is a qualified Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Assistant and currently works with older people in the community, supporting them to remain active, independent and socially engaged.


She also holds a Diploma in Fashion Design and has a strong interest in creativity, learning, health and wellbeing. 

Katie has followed and supported the evolution of Jifunze since its very beginning and joined the team in 2021 in the role of secretary. Jifunze’s vision resonates deeply with her as she is a strong believer in empowering people through education, health, community and support.


She is proud to be a member of the Jifunze team and contribute to the amazing work that they do.  


Robert ouma

Kenyan chairman

Australian board member

photographer (Paid) / projects assistant (Voluntary)

Robert is a young, vibrant, film enthusiast. He was born, raised in the slums of Kibera. He is passionate about photography and videography. He earns a livelihood as a film maker being the Owner / Manager of RB Media Productions. He began the film production company in 2021 and in a year he has been able to employ a number of people on contractual basis for various projects as well as conduct five  free film trainings in Kibera.


Immediately after his secondary school in 2016 he joined Tell a Tale (film production company). He volunteered as an equipment manager and over the years he has acquired the necessary training to become a  competent film maker and specializes in sound engineering. 


His education and upkeep since he was ten have been catered for by a charity organization in Kibera called Reaching Out With Compassion (R.O.C.K). Robert currently serves in the organization as Head of Operations and Planning, he is also in charge of their social media accounts.


Robert's professional work has earned him the pleasure of working with many other charity organizations in Kibera, including Passion to Share Foundation, Kara Kids Centre, and The Rotary eClub District 9212 where he has been an active member since 2021.


At JI Robert is a board member. He shares in the same spirit of the organization of reaching out to the needy and marginalized in the society having personally hailed from the same background.  He is determined to change the lives of many especially when hope seems lost.


jan johnson (PHF Saphire)


fundraising specialist

Jan has been a Secondary School Teacher for 50 years and has taught in a wide range of age groups, she has held middle management positions and in retirement is still enjoying supply teaching.


She joined Rotary 26 years ago and enjoys the friendship of fellow Rotarians. Jan was awarded a PHF for services with Rotary Youth Exchange (YEP) having been a District Committee member and Country co-ordinator for USA, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.


For the last 10 years Jan has been involved with RAWCS (Rotary Aust World Community Service) and has been to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Kenya with the Helping Hands Project ..fitting artificial hands on mainly land mine victims, but also domestic violence and work placed accidents victims.


She is now District Chair for Rotary Friendship Exchange and recently was in the team who completed a return visit to Virginia USA.


It was during a Rotary meeting when Victoria Porter visited Mundingburra R.C. In Townsville QLD D9550 asking for support with her education programs in Kenya that Jan knew which project she was supporting next...and an interesting journey it has been so far!  Jan believes diversity is Rotary’s strength that transforms lives.


Jayden webb

Australian business director

Jayden is a dedicated professional with a robust background in science and hospitality, seamlessly blending analytical acumen with practical expertise in supply chain, logistics, business analytics, and project management. He has a. proven track record of optimizing operational efficiency and driving strategic initiatives. 


A decisive and passionate leader who focuses on achieving goals and ensuring the best interests of both the organisation and those who depend on them are considered at all times.


Known for adeptly navigating complex challenges, fostering collaboration, and implementing innovative solutions. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I thrive in dynamic environments, contributing to organisational success through a unique blend of skills and a goal-oriented mindset.


cynthia Muchiri 

Kenyan Business Director

Cynthia has been involved in charity events  from a young age.She is passionate about helping the needy and bringing positive change to society.  Her passion led her to join the Rotary club of Mombasa Downtown in the year 2012 in her hometown Mombasa.  During her service at the club,they were able to equip a library at a children's home as well as organise medical camps for people in needy areas who could not access the service.


Having relocated to Nairobi in the year 2018, she decided to join Rotary E-Club Safari where she currently serves as the secretary. It is through Rotary that she formed an association with Jifunze International and was able to donate clothes to the children in Kariobangi as well as put a smile on their faces by baking queen cakes and cakes for birthdays celebrated.


She is excited to be joining the Jifunze International board which exists to encourage, engage and equip vulnerable adults and children living in high-risk situations. Her knowledge in tax compliance matters is also beneficial to her role in the organisation.


She comes ready to collaborate with the board, management and the entire Jifunze International in driving positive change and achieving shared goals.


Board Member

admin and project assistant 

Doreen is a determined and hardworking farmer. She was born and raised in Meru county at the slopes of Mt Kenya. Born and raised in the village where crop farming and livestock keeping was the source of income.


In Doreen's community most girls were subjected to   

F. G. M, young marriage and early school drop out due to poverty. Due to all of this she  grew up with the urge of trying to change this narrative and help the community.


She was lucky to finish high school level and to join a local college. She completed a certificate in computer packages. After which she secured a job in a cyber shop. This allowed her to save and she rejoined college finishing a teaching course. After qualifying she returned to her village  as a teacher in her primary school.


This was a way of giving back to the community. She used the opportunity to talk to girls and parents on the disadvantages of F. G. M and early marriages and showed them the importance of education.


After 3 years she moved to Kajiado and I taught for 2 years in a private school in Kitengela. In her 5 years of teaching she interacted with many vulnerable people and touched their lives positively. In 2020 when the schools here in Kenya were closed due to Covid Doreen ventured into business and farming. She looks forward to using these skills to compliment the Jifunze International team.

our friends


Jen Decoda - artist


Jen who has designed our logo and been an avid supporter of our work helping on many of our fundraising efforts!

Check out her work on Instagram @denniferjecoda

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