'Jifunze’ is a Swahili word meaning 'learn'. Jifunze International envisions people from diverse backgrounds learning about health and safety by developing new life skills for long-term well being.

Learning should not be confined to school; rather, it is a continuum cutting across social groups. “Let Us Learn” was chosen to embody the vision of the programs we fund which enable community health and safety education.

Our vision is for children to take part in health education, empower mothers to learn through community-based workshops, and for those involved to be able to pass that  knowledge onto their peers.


We at Jifunze International learn from interacting with the community on culture, language and how we can best support their health and wellbeing.


Our mission is to encourage, engage and equip vulnerable adults and children living in high risk situations.  Teaching them to understand how to protect themselves from physical or emotional harm. Developing confidence and  skills which will lead to self actualisation.


Our vision is that all women and children living in high-risk situations will be encouraged, engaged and equipped with knowledge and skills  to relieve poverty and stress while creating good health and well being.



The cornerstone of our work is ensuring everybody
is treated equally, and with respect and dignity



We strive to be honest, transparent
and accountable in all our work.



Our work will reflect fair processes
and practices for everyone involved



Of cultural diversity, and awareness of the
differences and similarities in everyone’s lived experience



100% of our project fundraising
goes to supporting projects



Passion and energetic desire drives
our commitment to our projects



Our focus is on maintaining sensitivity to the
importance of humanity in everybody we meet